Everything you need

One Click HSE comes with everything you need to help you meet all of you HSE requirements.

  Easy to use – Designed from the ground up with ease of use priority #1.

  Easy to access – Access from your desktop, tablet or phone. From the office, in the field or at home.

  Easy to setup – No installation or lengthy manual to read. Get started in no time!

  IT not required – We host the application for you. No need to wait months for IT to come to the party.

Plan Do Check Action (PDCA)

Incident Management

Comprehensive incident reporting and management system. Caters for a broad range of incidents, including safety, health, environmental, reputational and more, from near-misses to the most critical.

Risk Management

Risk Management

An online risk register to help you document hazards, assess risks and manage the implementation and maintenance of control measures.

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Audits and Inspections

Audits & Inspections

Prevent incidents from happening by monitoring compliance to internal and external standards and regulations.

Track and manage non-compliances to resolution.

Action Dashboard

Action Management

Easily track your open action items. Set up emails to be sent when an action item is allocated to you, or when an action is overdue.

Safety Dashboard

Reports, Statistics & Dashboards

Full reporting suite including dashboards give you a complete view of your current OH&S position and performance.

One-click reporting saves you hours each month

Document Management

Document Management

A central home for all of your HSE documents, available to everyone. Store all your policies, procedures, work instructions, meeting minutes in one place. Keep a full history of all revisions made to documents, including who made the changes and when.

Observed Hazard

Behaviour Based Safety

Allow your staff to easily enter Observed Hazards, HSEQ Suggestions and Safety Interactions. Improve your safety culture by encouraging safe behaviour and employee involvement.