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    Launching soon

    We?re launching our Risk Management module soon, and we?d love your help.

    One Click HSE is being developed as a complete HSE Management System. We?re launching our first module soon – Risk Management -?and we?d love your help. By joining our early access program you will get:

    • Free access, for up to 100 users during beta testing, and for the first 12 months after we launch
    • 12 months free access for up to 100 users to additional modules as they launch.
    • By giving us feedback, you will have input into the development of the application.
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    This is just the beginning…

    Risk Management is just the first part of the picture. ?Shortly after we will be adding more features as build a complete, one-stop HSE management and reporting system. ?Some of the features that will be added in the near future are:

    ?Document Management

    ?Incident and Injury Management

    ?Monthly Reporting

    ?Audits and Inspections

    What comes after that? Well that’s up to you! If enough people vote for Contractor Management, then that’s what we do. Everyone wants Induction Training, then you guessed it, that’s what we do.

    We are a customer driven company. We don’t just want to build the best HSE system, we want to build YOUR HSE system!


    Just some of the reasons to choose One Click HSE…

      Simplify Compliance

    Help lower the burden of compliance by being able to show your company’s commitment to health, safety and the environment. Easily demonstrate the work done to:

    • manage documentation, policies and procedures
    • identify and manage hazards and risks
    • investigate and prevent incidents
    • perform inspections and audits


      Reduce Costs

    • Reduce workers’ compensation costs and medical expenses
    • Avoid legal penalties and fines
    • Fewer injuries means less replacement staff to train, and less costly accident investigations

      Save Time

    With everything in one place, no more hunting around for emails, forms and policies. Quickly see how actions are being progressed. Fly through monthly reporting with one-click reports and dashboards.

      Win more contracts and tenders

    Many companies require contractors and suppliers to comply with their OH&S requirements. Easily demonstrate all aspects of your management system from your office or theirs, via desktop pc, tablet or smartphone.

      Improve communication & transparency

    Give your whole company access to One Click HSE. Anyone can instantly see newly identified risks and incidents, upcoming audits and outstanding action items.

      Determine underlying trends

    Analyse injuries, illnesses and other potentially serious incidents to see underlying trends. This will help you direct resources to preventing future incidents.

      No IT required

    One Click HSE is hosted in the cloud. All you need is a browser and your ready to go. No installation. Automatic upgrades. Available everywhere.

      Attract and retain staff

    Attract and retain the best staff by improving your reputation as an employer of choice. Improve morale by showing you are committed to the health and safety of your people.

      Safe and secure

    You data is encrypted using industry standard SSL, backed up and accessible only by the people you grant access.

      Don't worry, we will never disclose your email address or send you spam