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Entering an Incident

Entering an Incident

Entering an incident is used when you want to record an incident that has occurred. This includes any near misses/near hits.

On the main menu, click on Incident Management and then New Incident, or click on the Add a new incident button on the home page



General Incident Details

  • Enter a short description of the incident
  • Enter the date and time the incident occurred.
  • Enter a site for the location and business unit responsible for the incident from the drop down list.
  • Select at least one impact that the incident had or could have had
  • Enter a Work Activity Type based on the dropdown list
  • Enter a long description of the incident explaining in more detail what happened


Involved People

Enter the details of all people involved in the incident.

  • Identify a Role for each involved person by using the drop down list.
  • Click the Add Name button to select the person

You can add further Involved Person roles by clicking on Add a new person

To select the person’s name, first search for the person using the Last Name and First Name boxes.  If the person cannot be found, choose the ‘Enter person’s name’ option and then type the name in.

To quickly add yourself as the involved person, select the “Use My Details” option.


Type of Incident

In this section, you can specify various incident categories.

Contractor Incidents

If the incident involved a contract, specify their level of involvement, who they work for and their contractor type.

If the vendor does not exist in the drop down, click the New Vendor link and add them.


State if a vehicle was involved and if so, choose the vehicle type(s).

Externally Reported

State if the incident was reported to agencies external to your company.


State if there was a spill.  If yes, use the dropdown boxes to select the details about the spill.  Enter the spill amount and recovered amount, if known.


Incident Administration/Notifications

Enter the name of the Supervisor of the area concerned in the Administration area by clicking on Add name next to Supervisor.  Further names can be added against the roles, if known.

If the Send Email box is checked, an incident will be sent to the selected people when the incident is created.  You can use the 2 “Notify by Email” options to add additional people who don’t fall under any of the pre-defined roles to the email notifications.

Uncheck email box on the right if you do not want email notification to go to the role.



You may add any attachments, such as photos, PDFs, PowerPoint Presentations or Excel files.


Saving the Incident

When you have finished entering all information, click on the Save button at the bottom of the page.

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