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One Click HSE Home Page

Home Page


1. Main menu navigation.

2. Click the button to hide and show the menu panel

3. Click the link to change your language (where applicable), change your password, or log off.


4. One Click Options provide a quick way to launch common functions

5. Displays open actions. Click the ‘My Actions’ button to display your actions.  Click on a row to navigate to the action.

6. Displays various KPI’s

7. Displays various performance charts


1. HSEQ Incidents – reporting and management

2. Risk Register and Management

3. HSEQ Audits, Reviews and Inspections – reporting and management

4. HSEQ Action Management – incident, audit or other related actions

5. Hazards, Interactions and Suggestions – reporting and management

6. Monthly Statistics- reporting of monthly hours worked, view of statistics, summary

7. Management of Change reporting




Table of Contents